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We've been selling this model for 10 years!

Super reliable performance. 5 large plates. 150 watt SMPS electrical system. Low price!

The Aquatonic 500 Water Ionizer has been on the market for more than a decade and has consistently received high praise for its reliable performance. With five large plates and a 150 watt SMPS electric system, the Aquatonic 500 comes at a much lower price than similar water ionizers.

Identical to the KYK Harmony, the Aquatonic 500 has been the most successful water ionizer in terms of sales. It’s now available for only $1,160. It’s elegant, sleek style is perfectly suited to the modern home and kitchen, blending in well with other appliances.

Alkaline water created by the Aquatonic 500 provides your body more energy, helps to combat aging, and is jam packed with natural antioxidants that fight free radicals, the particles inside your cells that bounce around and damage them. Oxidative stress created by these free radicals is linked to most illnesses and diseases, so no matter what condition you have, it will improve with alkaline, ionized water.

Water ionizers work by passing a charged electrical current through normal tap water in order to induce a chemical reaction know as electrolysis. By doing so, the standard tap water changes into alkaline water because of the reaction of the minerals within and the electrical current. In addition, water ionizers also filter out contaminants in the water to make it safer to drink, and some can even double in use by producing acidic water that works well as a cleaning agent.

The Aquatonic 500 comes with a five year labor, parts, and shipping warranty, and has a 60 day money back guarantee included. If for any reason you don’t like it, return it for a refund.

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Product Description

The Aquatonic 500 Water Ionizer Features:

    • Fully adjustable power to electrodes, 152 power settings.
    • Built-in calcium port to increase ionization strength
    • Adjustable pH & ORP monitor
    • pH selection of 6 levels (4 alkaline, 2 acid)
    • SMPS Power Supply, does not use transformer
    • Can be used with any water source with minerals
    • UL certification
    • Automatic cleaning alert – every 12 hours the LED light blinks
    • 5 Platinum Titanium Electrodes
    • Built-in one micron activated carbon filter which removes chlorine, 
    • particulate and other harmful elements from tap water., Biostone and .01 micon, Ultra Filter available with AQ Series as an upgrade.
    • Automatic indicator alert when filter requires replacement
    • Easy installation of unit next to or over sink
    • Wall-mounted option
    • Comes with everything to install unit
    • Fully automated system using IC board
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • All Domestic Water Ionizer purchases are 110 volt units. 220 volt units available upon request.


Celebrating 10 Years at Water for Life USA!

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 12 in

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