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Genesis Steel Water Ionizer


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Why the Genesis Steel Water Ionizer?

* 350 Watts of Power, the Genesis Steel can create the perfect water for any situation, including the best drinking water for you and your family.

* 9 platinum-titanium plates.

* 76 levels of pH and ORP adjustment.

* Large LCD seven color screen.

* 16 Stages of Water Filtration including ion exchange resin.

* Creates 11.5 pH to 2.5 pH Water!

The new Genesis Steel Water Ionizer features the most advanced 350 watt SMPS electrical system plus a dual filter system with tourmaline that removes 99.99% of impurities from your drinking water.  It also features 9 power plates to create a powerful pH range that will suit all of your family’s drinking and cleaning needs!

Water for Life USA has ten years in business, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 5 years parts, labor, and shipping warranty, a 60 day money back guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee on our plates, plus exceptional customer service!



Introducing the new Genesis Platinum Steel Water Ionizer.

genesis-steel-new-picThe Genesis Steel offers the latest technology to create micro-clustered alkaline drinking water with more antioxidants than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

Setting the New Standard for Water Ionizers

eosdnasmpsThe Genesis Steel boasts a completely redesigned 350 watt SMPS power board that produces an ultra-clean electrical current that enhances water ionization.  It also runs more efficiently than any other water ionizer power board.
When you couple the Genesis Steel’s enhanced SMPS power board with 9 platinum-titanium plates made by the HeeSung Metal Company, the highest rated water ionizer plate manufacturer in the world, you get unmatched performance with a pH range of 11 and higher to 2.5 and lower.
Also, the MICOM system in the Genesis Steel automatically adjusts water ionization to your water source, so you get the perfect glass of ionized water every time, regardless of where you live.

Filtration Matters


The Genesis Steel offers an advanced dual filtration system which includes a built-in sediment filter for removing larger contaminants from your drinking water, anti-fungal felt, granular activated carbon for removing 99.99% of the chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants, calcium to enhance ionization, and tourmaline to condition your water for the best ionization.

Most importantly, it includes ion exchange resin.  Only ion exchange resin and reverse osmosis are capable of removing fluoride, difficult heavy metals, and chromium-6 (like in the move Erin Brokovich).

All of this adds up to an elite water filtration system that will protect you and your family from all of the nasty stuff found in tap water.

Genesis Steel Features:

* 23% stronger -ORP than the Genesis Platinum 9 TURBO! That’s more healthy antioxidants!
* 9 Plates made by the HeeSung Metal Company of Japan, top rated in the world!
* 350 Watt SMPS Electrical System for a pure and efficient electrical current.
* Advanced Dual Filtration System Including Tourmaline


Genesis Steel Video:

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 8 in

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Genesis Steel Filtration:

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